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Pinoy Business Directory, www.pinoydirectory.com, is an on-line directory of Filipino associations, doctors, lawyers, stores, restaurants, churches, travel agents, insurance agents, car sales reps, etcetera.

Purpose and Benefits

  • Make easy to find Filipino businesses, churches, associations, and professionals.
  • Provide effective and affordable ways to advertise locations, products, services, programs and events to the Filipino, Asian and mainstream community.
  • Facilitate social, cultural, and economic partnership in the community.

What Directory Members Get

  • One year listing in Pinoy Business Directory (pinoydirectory.com)
  • One year listing in Asian Business Directory (asiantexas.com)
  • One year Website hosting in PinoyDirectory.com
  • One year Website hosting in AsianTexas.com
  • Website design included
  • Direct interactive access to the Community Bulletin
  • Direct interactive access to local business bulletin
  • Listing in Directory by Name
  • Listing in Directory by Services
  • Listing in Directory by City
  • Listing in Directory by County
  • Listing in Directory by State
  • No setup fee, no hidden charges
  • Maintenance support for one year

Membership Goal. Pinoy Business Directory currently has over 100 members in 30 cities in the states of Texas, California and Oklahoma. Our goal is to have 1,000 members all over United States before we stop accepting new members.

Management. Pinoy Business Directory is owned and managed by PinoyTexas Inc., a corporation registered in the State of Texas. Chairman and president is Ray M. Colorado.

PinoyEvents.com. Pinoy Business Directory is the publisher and sponsor of the interactive national Calendar of Events. Anybody can post to this interactive national calendar.

Community Bulletin. Unlike other Web bulletins which allows only the webmaster to post bulletin, anyone listed in Pinoy Business Directory can post directly to the Community Bulletin. This bulletin is visited by thousands every month because it is linked in many popular websites like PinoyTexas.com, PinoySanDiego.com, PinoyEvents.com, PinoyDirectory.com and AsianTexas. Only members of Pinoy Business Directory have direct access to make announcements in Community Bulletin.

Local Bulletin. The Website we build for members has its own business bulletin where messages for visitors could be posted. Such messages could include anything: new products, new services, new schedule, job openings, upcoming anniversary, special invitations, schedule of meetings, holiday greetings, etcetera.

PinoyTexas.com has been a top favorite of search engines since 1999. It is popular because of its community news, calendar of events, general directory, career tips, editorials, hot links, photo gallery, and more. PinoyTexas.com generates traffic to Pinoy Business Directory through banners in hundreds of PinoyTexas.com pages.

Asian Business Directory (asiantexas.com)
The Filipino market is good but it is much better if Filipino businesses have the Asian market too. All members of Pinoy Business Directory become members of our Asian Business Directory at no additional cost.

Like One Big Family. Pinoy Business Directory was started only in 1999 by PinoyTexas.com. It was transferred to PinoyDirectory.com to make it a dedicated business directory. It had an early success because of the patronage of the large PinoyTexas.com cyber community. Today, new members benefit from the existing traffic established by early members. New members, in turn, add usefulness to the directory, which further increase traffic to the directory.

We think big, we think small. If all the features we provide were designed for only one client, we would charge thousands of dollars to cover the cost of full-time programmers. But we are not designing for one client, we are designing for a directory with hundreds of members. We lower the price for each member by spreading the cost over many members.

We think long term. Our fee structure is tailored for new business owners who need to reduce startup marketing cost. By providing cost-effective advertising, we expect our members to renew each year. They cannot renew if, by next year, they are out of business because of high advertising costs.

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Texas: 2329 Meadowbrook Gardens Dr. #123 Fort Worth, TX 76112

Ray Colorado, president
cell phone: 817-903-2918
email: raycolorado@sbcglobal.net

Lura Colorado, administration
cell phone: 817-496-9790
e-mail: luracolorado@sbcglobal.net

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