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Pinoy Business Directory
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"We seriously care about the needs of our community. Thus, we research the necessary tools to increase awareness, motivation and partnership among our people. When we identify an important and needed solution, we work hard to create and refine it, until it becomes something the community is proud of." - Ray Colorado, president

"We have hundreds of Filipino nurses, recruited from Middle East, Europe and the Philippines, coming to Texas. Thanks to your Web sites, we know where they can go to find Filipino doctors, realtors, lawyers, sellers, churches, and organizations. It is my job to research this. You just saved me a lot of time and money." - Vice President of a Nurse Placement Agency in New York

"Thank you for the Pinoy Business Directory. For the first time, I am making money off my fellow Filipinos. The traffic and the low cost help." - Filipino business owner

"In the past, my fellow Filipinos mainly sold tickets, solicited money for their fund-raising, and solicited souvenir program advertisements. Now I see Filipinos as customers who buy my products and services." - Texas business owner

"Your Web site is upbeat, positive and development oriented. It is refreshing to read of good things while many Filipino media are full of negatives and trashy articles." - California reader

"Your Web site is very informative. Keep up the good work." - California reader

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