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Philippine Crafts:

  • Capiz Christmas lanterns
  • Shell Chandeliers
  • Souvenir gifts for wedding
  • Dolls in Phil. attire
  • Lahar (volcanic ash sculpture of Holy Family, Tinikling, Kalesa, etc.)
  • Loofah body scrub
  • Nipa hut in a bottle
  • Genuine coral or wood necklace
  • Bead necklace (one of a kind)
  • Buri hats

SQUEEZED is a Philippine concentrated health drink made of fresh calamansi juice and pure honey. I bring to Dallas a case at a time as pasalubong, to the delight of family and friends. With my SP Import Export license I plan to bring in SQUEEZED, a container at a time; and I need distributors (churches,organizations, families) who want to buy at wholesale price a case (24 bottles) or two at a time. If you think you might be one of these, do send me by email your name, telephone numbers and delivery address. I will let you know of the wholesale price.. Right now I want to hear from those interested in trying a health drink, and who wish to help me replenish the DEL ROSARIO PASTORAL CARE FUND with this business enterprise.

Espie del Rosario

Email Address: sp02fill@yahoo.com

For more information contact Espie del Rosario
In Dallas, TX 214-357-5273 (Pres Ida)
In the Phil: (044) 600-0411 :mobile: 0918-941-4786

US Address: 3811 Dunhaven Dallas, Texas 75220

Phil. Address: Lot 1, Block 17, Lorenville, Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, Phil.

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